This story is currently being written by Starteen* and Chaotics Guy

SoE Stars of Eternity is a story about how Tallshort met Starteen.

Role Play (The Story) Edit

Tallshort: Homestar what will we do today?

Homestar: Don't ask me!

Tallshort: I want to exercise my Star/sun powers.

Homestar: Go ahead.

(Strong Glad walks in)

Strong Glad: Hey Homestar! Strong Bad wants to see you, he has something special for you! *snickers*

Strong Death: He he he!

Strong Glad: Get outta here Death!

Strong Bad: Let him stay so we can destroy Homestar quicker.

Strong Glad: Alright, cousin!

  • Tallshort breaks in

Tallshort: You can't kill Homestar.

Strong Glad: Yes, we can! Strong Sad willed himself to death last Halloween! (See Most in the Graveyard)

(Starteen walks in)

Starteen: Whats going on Strong Glad? *thinking* Strong Sad willed himself to death?

Tallshort: Who are you? *has a crush on her* (I saw MitG)

Starteen: I'm Starteen, Strong Glad's best friend. I just on my way to The Brothers Strong's house to hang out with... *gets hearts in her eyes*...Strong Sad.