Homezipan is the middle child of Homestar and Marzipan's kids, and the oldest daughter. If there was ever a kid you can compare to Homestar, she is the one. She's pretty much a smaller version of Homestar, but with Marzipan's blond hair and red soles, and a lot smarter, but a whole lot more cheekier.

Homezipan enjoys fooling around with The Cheat. The duo have been known to cause a lot of mischief, mostly on Homestar Jr. Homeschool once recalled a prank he knew they were responsible for. "It was around dusk," he remembered. "My brother Homestar usually does athletics, but I was taking his place because he had a broken ankle. I was exercising myself around the field, Homestar Jr. watching me and looking for trouble. I then noticed something ahead," he continued. "It was a few small boxes full of rocks, but I was already going too fast to stop, and I tripped over and fell on my face. Homestar Jr. had seen everything and ran to help me." "I know Homezipan's got something to do with it," Homestar Jr. said.

Homezipan is also kind-hearted and eager to give a helping "hand" for anyone. However, her enthusiasm gets the better of her as she has a habit of dropping stuff onto the floor or knocking over fragile stuff by accident. Homestar Jr. sometimes see's her clumsiness useful. "I think that although Homezipan is cheeky and somewhat of a trouble-maker," Marzipan said once, "she has proven time and time again about how valuable she really is."

Homezipan loves to hear jokes. She was born in June 29, 1999. She is 10 years old. She likes cats, nature and her big brother. Her friends are The Chest and Specs.